Christmas A Holy Festival Occasion

Christmas Holy Festival Occasion

Christmas is an event celebrated by Christians all around the world to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Nowadays, Christmas has been becoming increasingly popular on the global scale.

Christmas seems like one of the little occasions where the whole world comes together, be it as it may for religious reasons. Christmas holiday is an occasion for all family members to gather together after a hard-working year.

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On this occasion, people usually decide to come back home as a traditional custom no matter where they are working. They have a tendency to present gifts to their family members and equip their houses with new facilities.

Decorations are also very integral to the Christmas celebrations. Outside, streets are decorated with Christmas lights and Christmas carols are heard all around town.

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Officially, Christmas day is on 24th and 25th of December and most of Christians welcome a new year on these days. However, in reality, each nation and region have different times maybe earlier or later to celebrate Christmas based on their beliefs and traditions.

However, 25th of December is the most popular day to celebrate Christmas by people around the world. The image of an evergreen tree decorated to make a Christmas tree is widely familiar with people. It is easy to catch a scene of an evergreen tree beautifully decorated with a sting of light and ornaments in every Christmas.

However, in various parts of the world, people have their own ways to prepare for Christmas including not only Christmas trees but also other things used for decoration.

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On Christmas holiday, people busy decorating their houses and Christmas trees, and equip their home with new furniture. This is also the time for the whole family to spend time together and wish for a happy new year to come.

Similar to time and decoration, in every part of the world people have other activities to do with their families during Christmas holiday. For example, they go to the church to pray, gather together to sing and dance and so on.

One of the most typical and favorable activities is giving gifts and children is the one who look forward this activity the most. On this occasion, people want to present something to their parents, children, and close friends as a wish for them before a New Year starts.

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