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Making a collage is a great way to decorate an empty wall since you can incorporate different media and images into a single cohesive piece. A WhatsYourPrint wall collage is a great way to add color and personality to your room decor. It’s easy to create an aesthetic design with fun and colorful photos that you find online. At WhatsYourPrint get the best design frame with various variation of collection like, Photo Collage Frame, Photo Frame, Motivational Quotes, and Abstract, Landmark, Retro Prints, Square Prints etc. The best ways to print and hang wall collages.

A collage wall is like the ultimate mood board that doubles as colorful room decor. It’s a fun and inexpensive way to express your personality and decorate your space. You can use your collage to display your interests, people you care about, or just images you enjoy. After selecting what you want in your collage, all you need to do is plan it out and hang it on the wall. When you’re finished, you’ll have creative wall art that’s unique to you!

Choosing what to hang get photos to display if you want to make your collage more personal. Get prints of your photos from by going to a store that can print them for you or either you can print it with WhatsYourPrint at reasonable price to get an exciting offer. Pick a theme for the photos you select. For example, you may choose family portraits, pictures of you with friends, or photos of a vacation that you took. Get art prints and posters if you want to add large pieces to your collage. Art prints and posters cover a lot of surface area and work great as a background for your collage. Look for prints that match the other decorations in your room so the colours don’t clash with one another. 

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You can include as many or as few posters or prints as you want for your collage. You can buy art prints and posters online at WYP.  Well if you are still thinking where to put a photo wall! You can put a photo wall collage just about anywhere. My favorite spots are over a bed, over a desk, or on a large open wall. Another great place to create a wall collage is around a wall-mounted TV. This makes the TV wall more visually appealing and less of an eye-sore, especially when the TV is off.

Choose a Spot for Your Picture Frame Collage; you want to be able to enjoy seeing your photos once they’re up! If you’re going with a collage of family photos, maybe your living room is the perfect spot. Or maybe you’re creating a gallery of your kids as they grow up so you want them to see the photos in their playroom. Sometimes the theme of your gallery will help dictate the perfect location or vice versa. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. A hallway or bathroom may not be the first place you think of, but don’t discount any space you can make work.

Focus on the overall look of your gallery rather than the exact dimensions of each frame. If you want a uniform gallery (where each frame is the same size/style) or an offset gallery (where you arrange all different size and style frames.) The nice thing about ordering custom picture frame sizes online is that you can literally match your frames to the exact specifications. This means your collage will be completely custom to your space, perfectly fitting in size & layout.

After you order your frames and they arrive, it’s time to get them up on the wall. Hang your picture frame on the nail and repeat for all frames until your picture frame collage is complete!

Tip: We offer three high-end premium frames in black, wooden brown and white color options. Frames are very thick and made of synthetic wood. It comes with a non-breakable glass on top of the frame which makes it look highly premium. The backside of the frame is protected with good quality MDF board along with a wall hanging hook.

The top piece of advice every person needs to choose the perfect wall art is this: select what you like. This is your opportunity to go wall-to-wall with the things you love. Spotlight family and friends, your hobbies or passions, or simply images that speak to you. Our new custom photo retro, square prints are lightweight, premium quality prints that easily hang on your walls without the need of any nails, tools, or mess. Move them around with our advanced adhesive strips to transform your wall collage and create endless combinations.

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