Daughter’s Gift of God

We humans are surrounded by so many relationships – parents, grandparents, cousins, friends, uncles and aunts. And each of them has a special place and meaning in our heart and life. But one of the most loving and special relationship that we can have is with a daughter. 

Daughters hold a special place in our families. A daughter is a mother’s gender partner, her closest ally in the family, an extension of herself. Daughters are special, so don’t forget to celebrate the unique bond between you and your daughter.

Daughter is the most beautiful and eternal part of a parent’s life and that is why it gets so difficult to part with her when the time comes for her to leave.

A daughter needs a dad to carry her just because she wants to be carried. Daughters can also be also older sisters who teach their siblings everything they know, or adoring younger sisters whose love and admiration is unconditional. And a daughter has as much to teach her parents about the world as they have to teach her. Daughter is a favor of God we can never repay.

God has blessed all of us with a great gift called ‘daughter’ who gives us a thousand reasons to rejoice and love. Daughters complete us in all sense and as parents they are not only our child but grow to be our best friends.

Daughters are to parents like sunshine to a day. They are the flowers of life. A daughter fills the heart with pleasure, a joy to always treasure!

Read these beautiful words on daughter that go like:

D- is for Darling, that is what you are

A- is for Always loving from your heart

U- is for Understanding and caring every day

G- is the Gorgeous way you are made

H- is for How you’re so very dear

T- is for very Thankful that you’re here

E- is the Everlasting heart that you bear

R- is for Roses you should always wear

Capture every second you spend with your daughter into something special. Come fall in love with them

Those who have a daughter as a child to live with are very lucky.

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