Decorate Small bedroom wall using Photo frame/Collage Frame?

Smaller bedrooms can present a challenge to even the best of decorators. With a limited amount of floor space or low ceilings, it can almost feel like you are trying to solve a puzzle. Measure the wall, measure the frames, map out a design, select the center of the wall, use a level, stick the frames and still, you could end up with a mishmash that looks out of place. If the wall is big, you can always space out the frames a little. And yes, it is completely okay to go asymmetrical while hanging collage picture frames. Plain white walls aren’t all that welcoming.  And they’re boring to boot. Not exactly what you want in a bedroom, most likely. So consider your walls a blank canvas to decorate how you’d like, whether that’s with a more permanent option like painting or an elegant gallery wall.

A good attitude, and a little creativity, you’ll be able to create a beautiful room that feels larger than it actually is. If light colors really aren’t your thing and you really want something darker, go with vibrant, bright colors like burnt orange, cherry red, or bright turquoise. These colors will make a bold statement without making the walls seem like they are closing in on a guest. So probably stick with light-colored paints. The best way to make a room feel bigger is to brighten it up. Make sure you have sufficient lighting – add lamps to your nightstands or string lights on your headboard if you need more.

If the ceilings are high, use all of the height, such as by placing a tall Moon Frame in the room could get an amazing look to wall. Pick wallpaper with a large, eye-catching print, and hang it on an accent wall to draw the eye to the focal point of the room. Try to pick a timeless design or pattern, like stripes, floral, poster, quote frame. Which will motivates you to keep focus on your decide goals. Keep in mind that it’s a lot more difficult to remove wallpaper than it is to simply repaint a wall. Make sure you pick a design that can grow with her interests and taste.

Put up photos and art or Family Collage frame, Photo Prints, that fit the theme of the room Pick 2-3 pieces of art or framed pictures, and place them throughout the room. Choose open spaces, like above the bed or resting on top of a dresser. This will help make the theme more pronounced and obvious to anyone who sees the room.

  • For a jungle theme, try framing animal pictures from National Geographic and hanging 4-6 of them in a grid on the wall for a fun art installation.

String lights are also popular in rooms for teens, too, so you may be able to keep them hung up as they grow. Using Square Prints, Retro Prints, we can décor lights will square prints.

When framing a photo or smaller piece of art, you can make it have real impact by using a massive mount and a large frame. This will make it stand out, and feel really contemporary. They also look great in groups of 3 to make it even more stylish. (Adding a mount can also make even a less expensive frame look stylish and costly!). I just love the beautiful simplicity of this framing method: Images positioned off-centered in larger frames. It is creative, original and elegant at the same time. This works very well for a series, as I think this approach has a greater impact when at least three or more pictures are grouped together. A thin, black frame as shown here doesn’t overpower the artwork and enhances the minimalist look.

To get the most use out of your picture frames, think twice. The purpose of displaying personal pictures, and also serves the purpose of being decorative. For a neat and put together look, try grouping different sizes of pictures using the same frame. By using the same frame, every picture has the same outline and thus, is cleaner to the eye. Try different frames in different colors and sizes. This will definitely be fun and spontaneous and each picture will have a personality all its own.

When decorating your home consider neutral colors on the walls and use a unique artwork to create an accent.  White walls are always the best to stand up any artwork or gallery wall. You can also get your personalized photo collage framed in a high-end premium frame and get it delivered to your doorstep. The cost of the frame and delivery is very cheap. Photo Collage Frame Maker is the best collage maker app that helps you to create wonderful photo collage frames from your existing photos. Order Photo Collage Frame – WhatsYourPrint, offer three high-end premium frames in black, wooden brown and white color options. Frames are very thick and made of synthetic wood. It comes with a non-breakable glass on top of the frame which makes it look highly premium. The backside of the frame is protected with good quality MDF board along with a wall hanging hook. Even gift pack service is available. Spread happiness, gift photo collage frame to your family and friends today! Also, enjoy decorating home wall décor with beautiful frames.

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