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Family photos are a beautiful way to capture a moment in time, but they bring some challenges. When you’re taking the photos indoors & outdoors, it can be tricky to get the right lighting. Additionally, it may be difficult to capture a moment when all of the family members are still. Fortunately, it’s easy to work around these problems to take beautiful family photos. When you’re trying to create a beautiful and timeless family portrait it is important that you choose the right clothing. But when it’s time to tell your family story you really want to get it right, and you want it to last!

Most families these days want their portraits outside, a pristinely sculpted landscape in the background, perfect golden-hour sun dipping below the horizon. But perfect conditions don’t always exist. Sometimes it’s raining. Sometimes it’s winter. And sometimes the family has a newborn. That means we need to go inside. Family is the most important thing in the world. Sometimes it can be hard to get along with them, but sometimes we love them. Here are a few tips and pointers that would help you have a better relationship with your parents and siblings.

Arrange times when you all have freedom to do things together. Go on a picnic, visit a museum, go to a sports match, etc. Use joint interests to arrange fun things to do together on a regular basis. Have a different way of photo shoot memories each moment into picture. Love your family. It’s your parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. You know what will make them happy, so do your best to try and achieve that regularly.

You’ll want to get to know the light that comes through them. Sometimes it floods the room softly. Other times it beams in, bouncing off the walls and floor. Soft light will add a soft glow, and harsh light will give a dramatic or moody look. It’s a best photography idea to make creative photo shoot printed on photo book.

While indoors photo shoot choose the room where you want to take a photos. If you’re taking the photos in the family home, ask the family where they want the focal point to be. Look for a room with space for the family to pose and minimal clutter, which would be distracting in the photos. If you plan to use natural light, make sure the room has windows. Pick a room where everyone feels comfortable. For instance, the whole family likely feels at ease in the living room or family room, but kids may not feel as comfortable in their parents’ room.

Use a simple background so the focus is on the family. A busy background will draw the eye away from the people, so choose your background carefully. Pick a blank wall or use a photo screen for an easy option. However, you might pick a minimally decorated background if the family wants to show off some personality. Try different backdrops to capture the family’s story you don’t have to stick to just one background. Try out different backgrounds so you have a variety of photos that the family can choose from. Here are some examples

  • You may take pictures in several rooms of the home.
  • You might photograph children playing in their bedroom.
  • You could photograph the family seated at the dinner table.
  • You might have a young family pose together on the parents’ bed.


Take a few candid photos to capture their personality. Although you might think of family portraits as posed photos, sometimes candid shots can be the most meaningful since they capture the family’s personality. Additionally, taking candids helps the family feel comfortable, which helps you snap better photos. Capture a few candid moments before the shoot officially begins, between groupings, and right as you’re finishing. For instance, you might take photos of the family adjusting each other’s clothing, getting into position, and joking around together.

13x13 inches Photo Collage

The family is likely going to want several options to choose from, so take a lot of photos. Capture multiple shots of every grouping and background so you’re more likely to get a good picture. Keep in mind that family photos can be extra tricky choose the best of the photos to include in your collection.

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