How to Arrange Artwork on a Wall

Arranging art on a blank wall can seem overwhelming at first. The trick is to let your art, personal style, and the space itself guide your decisions.Remember you are decorating a wall. Choose smaller pieces for narrow walls and larger canvas wall art pieces for big walls. Figure out whether you’d prefer a uniform or eclectic look, and decide what would look best in the available space. Look for themes in your collection, and choose objects that fit the tone you’re trying to achieve. Play around with various configurations until you’ve found the right balance. When it’s time to hang your arrangement, make careful measurements to precisely position your artworks.

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Look for themes within your collection, if you need to decide which works of art to display, try to come up with a theme. Look through your collection, think about your style, and decide what kind of tone you want to achieve. Figure out whether you prefer uniformity or more eclectic looks, and decide what would look best in your space.Suppose you have lot of works in one genre, such as portraits or landscapes, and want a more uniform look. You could create an arrangement of works solely in that genre and use frames with consistent sizes and colors.Combine contrasting colors and forms for an energetic arrangement. If you want a vibrant, dynamic look, choose a wide array of colors and artistic styles. Mix up abstract works with representational landscapes, portraits, and still life’s. Include as mediums as you have in your collection, such as paintings, drawings, prints, and photographs.

Display black and white or monochromatic works for a subtle look, for a more minimalist, chic look, look for artworks that fit a particular color scheme. You could arrange black and white photographs, charcoal drawings, and black and white paintings. Black and white frames would reinforce your arrangement’s uniformity.If you’re going for a cohesive arrangement but still want a pop of color, you could go for a monochromatic look. For example, display works together that are all predominantly blue. A fireplace is always the focal point of a room, Display a painting in that space above the mantle to tell your own design story. Make the art grouping about the same size as the fireplace opening. Use one large piece or several small pieces that appear as one unit.WhatsYourPrint offer three high-end premium frames in black, wooden brown and white color options. Frames are very thick and made of synthetic wood. It comes with a non-breakable glass on top of the frame which makes it look highly premium. The backside of the frame is protected with good quality MDF board along with a wall hanging hook.

Work your furniture into your arrangementmake sure your artwork doesn’t crowd your furniture and that your furniture doesn’t obscure your artwork. Additionally, set your furniture layout before arranging your artwork. You wouldn’t want to hang a floor to ceiling arrangement, then hide or risk damaging a painting by placing a chair in front of it.Arrange your art on the floor to find the best composition, when you have a general idea of the look you want to achieve, lay the works on the floor. Experiment with different configurations, and move them around to see how various colors, forms, subject matter, and scales relate.Planning out how your works’ colors and proportions relate is especially important if you’re going for a clustered or salon-style look. When you play with arrangements, avoid crowding artworks. Leave about 1 12 inches (3.8 cm) between smaller objects, and about 2 inches (5.1 cm) between large scale works.Finish hammering before you start hanging your art. After hammering the last nail, start mounting your arrangement. Use a bubble level to check each object’s levelness, then step back and admire your handiwork!

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