How to make a photo collage

If you want to have all of your favourite photos in one place so you can see them at the same time and think about all of the great memories and experiences connected to them, then a photo collage is the project for you. Whether you’re making a collage of fond memories, or just creating a fun decorative design, with today’s technology, making your own collage is easier than ever. But if you want to keep it old-school and cut out your own images, that’s a simple and fun project, too.

Choose a free digital collage maker for an affordable option:

Look online or in your smartphone or tablet’s app store for collage maker programs or apps. Select a free version and sign up or download it so you can use it to create your photo collage without having to purchase a full program. Order Photo Collage Frame – WhatsYourPrintgive photo collage frames as birthday gifts to your friends or colleagues. Give it as anniversary gifts to your family or friends. It will be a special gift they will always remember forever. Make their special day more special by giving them a personalised photo collage frame. Even add a special message card and Gift Wrap it with satin ribbons. Gift will be delivered to their doorstep in a very safe and secure packing.Other great free options include Layout from Instagram and Google Photos, both of which allow you to choose photos that you’ve uploaded and put them together into a simple collage format.

Purchase a professional design program for more features:

f you want a more polished, professional-looking collage, look online or through your app store for a premium digital design program you can download and use to make one. Choose a premium program for more photo effects, higher-resolution downloads, and more templates you can use to make your collage.

  • Adobe Photoshop, Order Photo Collage Frame – WhatsYourPrint, and Fotor are popular design programs. They include tutorials that will teach you how to use the program to enhance your photos and make professional-looking collages.
  • Professional design programs come with more layout and customization options, additional embellishments, and allow you to edit and modify your photos to produce higher-quality images, but they can be expensive. For example, Adobe Photoshop costs around $600 USD.


Look through the templates to see the layout options:

  • Collage-making programs include predesigned templates you can use.Open the program and find the college templates. Look through the various template options to see what’s available.For instance, if you have 15-20 photos you want to use in your collage, look for templates that would allow you to fit them all.
  • Some programs, such as Google Photos and Instagram Layouts, will allow you to select the photos you want to add and then will arrange them into a few different layouts you can select so all of your photos are included.
  • Photo Collage Frame Maker is the best collage maker app, which helps you to create wonderful photo collage frames from your existing photos.Give it as birthday gifts to your friends and family members. As an anniversary gift to your parents. As a wedding gift or even a house warming gift. It can be gifted on many different occasions. It’s super easy to do. Even gift pack service is available. We offer three high-end premium frames in black, wooden brown and white color options. Frames are very thick and made of synthetic wood.


Select a layout that suits the theme of your photo collage:

Consider which photos you want to be more noticeable in your collage and look for templates that allow you to feature them. Look for a template style and design that suits the theme of your photos as well. Select a template and layout that works best for your collage.

  • Consider the size of the collage, too. If you’re making a holiday card, for example, you may want to choose a postcard size template.
  • Think about the style of the layout as well. For instance, if you’re making a collage of you and your best friend, you may want to pick one with lots of colors and fun embellishments, whereas you may want to have cute dog bone designs for a collage with photos of you and your pup.

Upload or add your photos and arrange them:

If you’re making a collage on your smartphone or tablet, select the photos that you want to add from your camera roll. If you’re making one on your computer, move all of the photos you want into a folder so they’re collected in one place, then upload or add them into the collage maker program. Select and move the photos around in the collage and play with the arrangement until you’re happy with it.

  • Choose photos that go together to form a theme for your collage. For example, you could select a bunch of pictures of your friends to make a “best friends” collage, or upload pictures of your family members for a family collage theme
  • Resize images and arrange them so some are larger and more prominent if you want featured photos. For instance, you could place a picture of you and your spouse kissing in the center and surround it with photos of the 2 of you on vacation. If you have a photo of your niece blowing out the candles on her birthday cake, you could have a larger slot for that photo with additional photos from their birthday party to fill out the rest of the collage.


Use text to label and add words and phrases:

Switch to the editing mode in your collage maker and choose the option to add text. Label photos if you want to remember the date or just add a sweet message. You could also add large text to commemorate an event or add to the theme of the collage.

  • For example, you could add “Happy Birthday!” for a birthday collage or “Congratulations!” over a collage of graduation photos.
  • You could also add text that says something like, “True Love” or “Memories to Last a Lifetime.”


Add a border or frame to accent the collage:

Look through the border and frame options included with your collage maker and choose one that adds that extra something to your final product. Choose a border that matches a common color theme in your collage or go with something whack to keep it fun.

  • Choose a color that makes sense for the theme of your collage. For example, you could go with a pink or blue border for a photo collage of baby pictures, or if there’s a lot of red in your pictures, you could choose a red border to complement the photos.
  • Some programs include fancy ornate frames that could work well for your collage.
  • You could also choose bright, sparkly borders for a fun collage of you and your bestie, or a frame with a bunch of footballs for a collage of photos of your kids playing sports.


Make a collage with a friend or loved one so you can make a new memory as you reflect on other memories in your photos.We offer three high-end premium frames in black, wooden brown and white color options. Frames are very thick and made of synthetic wood. It comes with a non-breakable glass on top of the frame which makes it look highly premium. The backside of the frame is protected with good quality MDF board along with a wall hanging hook.Spread happiness, gift photo collage frame to your family and friends today!

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