Preserving your new born child

Preserving your new born child Precious Moments

A thousand of clicks of your baby looks sweet in your phone right now. But do you think will it stay evergreen after the baby starts to become a toddler, a kid, a teen and even an adult?

The old tradition of cameras and photo albums is gone. Now photo prints and photo books are the new trends.

Investing in a photo book is the best pick because it gives only high returns of happiness. Allow your hearts to melt when you sit at times and view all those photo books in the coming years.

From crawling on hands and knees to walks, tricycles to bikes, all babies grow up. Go through your baby’s favorite photos from their first walk, their cute first toothy smile, them playing with toys, pretty much every waking moment and sleeping moments as well.

Put your unconditional love for your baby in a photo frame such as Collage or a photo book.

New Year A New Beginning

A baby brings back childhood for everyone around it. Especially the parents, they get to re-live their youth, grandparents too get to re-live the infancy of their kids, the experience around every baby is always a happy world.

They won’t know most of the things or remember everything but you will. Experience all these moments with your baby through photo prints.

Mother – From the first time she gets to hold her baby to that little finger that never leaves her hand. The early affection and love of a baby is her mother. So indeed, the best picture in the world the world would be that of a mother and her baby.

Father – The unexpressed love and support of the father, is priceless and is a must have content.

Baby’s first steps

When your baby crawls on its belly, or walks or crawls on its knees it makes for some amazing keepsake pictures. They may grow up faster than we imagine, but those cute moments remain priceless forever.

They know only to mess with mealtimes

You know what happens when you leave children with a plate of food! They play with it and get all messy and these moments will make for some epic pictures. Try this and we bet, you would be laughing crazy for a while.

Reflection in a Mirror

Babies have wonderful reactions when they see themselves in a mirror. They are damn cute such that we can’t stop from laughing out loud. Those moments are priceless and needs to be captured.

Surprise your family by creating a photo collage of all your family moments and putting it on a wall to cherish for life. So, what are you waiting for?

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