Selfographers – The Selfie Craze

Today, selfies are everywhere, from publicity stunts to mention the Facebook walls and Twitter feeds of our favorite celebrities and of our friends and neighbors.

According to a 2015 study the selfies we post on any social media site can say a lot about our character and personality. How do you plan to celebrate this year? However, you decide to commemorate the day, have fun, and don’t forget to snap a picture!

Your Awesome Self: You can’t celebrate selfie day without your own selfie, can you? Of course, not. So, choose a pretty awesome backdrop, look up high, get the angle right, raise your hand and click! This would make for an ideal selfie picture frame.

Fun with Family: Are your parents always after you due to your addiction to the selfie? Maybe, it’s got something to do with them not being included in your cool selfies? Well, selfie day is an ideal occasion to get your parents and other elders of the family to pose for a perfect family selfie.

Twinning With BFF: Best friends are friends for life time. They are one of the relations outside the family that we get to choose. So, plan a date with them – maybe a movie or a lunch and get those captured in a selfie so as to cherish them for life time.

Capture yourself with your favorite place: Show yourself some more selfie-love. Capture yourself at your happy place. The place where you go to unwind, relax, introspect or just to have some good old fun, is an important part of your life, so it’s must get a few pics of you striking some cool selfie poses there!

With camera-smartphones making it easier to capture our everyday happiness without being dependent on a photographer, we’ve all become quite the selfographers! Selfographers is the new term for selfie crazy people.

And, selfie poses have become the most common kind of photographs that we find doing the rounds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on the screens of our gadgets such as Smartphones. Seeing so much of craze for selfies an official day has been dedicated for this! Selfie Day is a thing and it’s celebrated on June 21st.

From Snapchat to Twitter, the biggest trend these days is grabbing the perfect selfie!

Whip out your cellphone cameras, get your selfie stick ready, and say selfie!

So how are you planning to celebrate this Day?  Share your crazy and mind-blowing selfies with us. Capture every selfie into an awesome photo collage with us and cherish these moments for lifetime.

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