Square Printing – Relive your past

Square Printing – Relive your past Memories

A photograph that does not come out of a hard disk ends up dying. Is that the end you want for your photographs?

Is your smart phone now your only camera? Whether it’s for your daily life or while you are traveling?

A print is no longer just a print. There is so much that can be done with them hang them on your walls, paste them in your travel book with captions and so much more.

Since the beginning of the digital era, everyone started talking about the aspect ratio of square photo prints and paper, since none of the photos taken with a digital camera was suitable for printing on photo paper of regular size anymore.

Besides, the paper shows the smallest details that are easily overlooked when viewing photos on the screen. And finally, printed photos will be a great gift or serve as part of your decor.

The square photo prints have that extra something, typical of perfect symmetry. Their style at Instagram makes them perfect to keep the best memories forever. Whether it’s the delicious coffee cupcake on the corner or a mural in your favorite city or maybe a simple shot taken during your last walk, square prints will give your photos all the prominence they deserve.

With square photo prints you can keep your memories at home or keep them close to you in your professional world. It is true that the cost of a photo is virtually reduced to nothing.

Nothing beats the feeling of a physical print in your hand to transport you back in time to relive that exact moment.

Valentine Day Being with

Experience the joy of being able to physically touch your most cherished memories in this cool and trendy format.

Best Ways to Make Use of Square Photo Prints

Recapture’s Square photo prints are the perfect way to get your preferred pictures printed; play around with the sizes. Here’s how you can utilize Square Photo Prints for your creative needs:

Square Prints On WhatsYourPrint Set

1. Decorate Office Desk

Customize your work-desk area with square photo prints of your trips, friends, family, celebrations. Essentially, anything to help you to remember the good and cheerful times. A tedious work desk changed into a personal corner, using small square photo prints.

2. Time Travel Clock

How does a wall clock with photos of all your family members sound?

Make a clock with your photo prints and for it to begin ticking simply order a clock machine online and travel back in time whenever you check the time! This will also remind you that your friends, family and loved ones will be by your side, “all the time”.

3. Talkative Greeting Card

A photo speaks a thousand words. What’s more when you add these photos to a greeting card? It turns into the most talkative greeting card!

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