Introduction to Business Cards

In today’s digital era. You might think that business cards are no longer needed. Think again. Business cards are one of the important ways to market in front of others.

The standard Dimensions for business card are 3.5 inches by 2 inches

There are various dimensions available for business card varying as per the standard or the countries. You can choose which one is best for you

Details on the Business cards

Name of user


Business Address

Contact number (direct, extension, fax or mobile)


Characteristics of Business cards

The GSM value of paper used for printing is 300GSM

The cards should be designed and printed properly with appropriate spacing between all the elements to enhance the readability.

The size of cards should be small enough so that it is easy to carry along

Business cards can be available in various shapes such as Square Business cards, Rectangular Business cards as per the requirement

Business cards edges can be set to standard or corners as per the preference

Types of cards

Business cards can be single sided or double sided depending upon the requirement.

Single Sided

In case of Single sided cards back side can be made plain of any specific colour or name of company along with its logo

Double Sided cards

In case of Double-sided cards back side can be made same as front side or can be made plain of any specific color or name of company along with its logo

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